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General information about services provided at www.1182.ee

On website www.1182.ee services are provided by FCR Media AS, reg. code 10047161, address:  Staapli 4, Tallinn 10411, ph. 630 0300, e-mail: info@fcrmedia.ee
While considerable efforts are made to ensure that the information contained in www.1182.ee website is as accurate as possible, FCR Media AS makes no representations, conditions or warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, in relation to the accuracy of the information contained on www.1182.ee website.
Any hypertext in links to other websites are provided for convenience only ( e.g. TV guide and weather), and FCR Media AS assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the contents of those other websites linked to, or any products or services advertised or sold on those websites. FCR Media AS does not endorse or approve the content of such third party websites.
Data processing principles:


What types of personal data can be processed in www.1182.ee?

We process:
1. personal data lawfully granted for public use.
2. personal data which individuals are granted for public use via telephone companies (e.g. unclassified mobile phone number). 
3. personal data forwarded voluntarily by the users of the website (e.g. feedback). If the user wants  response to its request, comments or other submissions, FCR Media AS may require certain limited information in order to process the User's request.
In personal data processing we follow strict security procedures in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws. Also we take into account the reasonable interests of our customers and partners.


How your personal information is used at www.1182.ee?

At website www.1182.ee personal data is used for provide services (in particular, the directory inquiry services). This data is also used to respond to feedback comments and to perform other requested actions.  Personal data should not be disclosed, made available or otherwise used for purposes other than those actions specified in accordance with company's articles of association. 


With whom is personal data at www.1182.ee shared?

Personal information obtained from public sources of information, can be published without any restrictions. In accordance with the Data protection law (§4.) AS FCR Media will not forward any personal information you have provided on the website to third parties, unless (a) with your permission, (b) as may be required by law or court order. 


How can you verify or modify your personal data?

You have the right to ask AS FCR Media about the information we hold about you. In addition, you have the right to correct or delete any information we hold about you. If you wish to know which information AS FCR Media holds about you or if you wish to correct and update this information, please contact us at: info@fcrmedia.ee.  If you wish to correct and update  any information obtained from public sources, please contact to the original data source (e.g. your telephone operator). 


How and on what basis the personal information is deleted or deactivated?

Removal of personal data obtained from public sources, takes place automatically after the corresponding data is removed from the original data source, and pertinent information has been provided to AS FCR Media. If you want to remove your voluntarily provided personal data from our database, please send us your formal request by email to: info@fcrmedia.ee.


Copyrights in www.1182.ee environment.

www.1182.ee  website, and the information contained herein (published text, graphics, images, logos, slogans, databases etc.), are protected by copyright, database rights, unfair extraction rights and other intellectual property rights.
Accordingly, no part of this website may be used, transferred, copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner other than for the sole purposes of your personal use of this website meaning you may only display it on your computer screen and print it out on your printer for the sole purpose of viewing its content. In addition, no part of this website may be displayed in public, uploaded, stored, transmitted or distributed in any way or adapted or changed in any way. In particular, you may not sell or trade in any material contained in this website. Any other use, modification, distribution or republication without the prior written consent of AS FCR Media is strictly prohibited. Violation of the above terms may result in a fine of EUR 3200. 


Automatic data retrieval

The information included in www.1182.ee website is available to the general public for inquiry and review purposes only. The information is intended for individual use only. The site is not intended, or configured for automated data retrieval.  The use of data crawler, robots and/or similar software programs for the purpose of automated data retrieval is expressly prohibited.