Sööbik ja Pisik

Children’s musical by Urmas Sisaski based on Thorbjørn Egneri book “Karius and Bactus”.

Urmas Sisask
/Sööbik ja pisik/

A children’s musical

Based on the novel by Thorbjørn Egner

Lyrics by Lemme Krimm
Librettist & director Jaan Willem Sibul
Musical director & conductor Taavi Kull
Stage designer Maarja Meeru
Choreographer Marika Aidla
Video designer Janek Savolainen
Concert master Ele Sonn

Cast Rasmus Kull & Simo Breede

Karius and Bactus is a Norwegian children’s book whose main characters Sööbik (Karius) and Pisik (Bactus) live in the cavities of the teeth of a boy called Juss. They live a wonderful life as Juss eats white bread covered with syrup and does not brush his teeth afterwards. Eventually a dentist comes to his rescue.
The book, which is illustrated with humorous pictures and carries an important message, has been a children’s literary classic for generations of children in Scandinavia and elsewhere.
In Estonian the book was published as Karius and Bactus in 1972, translated by Arvo Alas.

Premiere on 7.02.2015, the Theatre House.
In Estonian.

Sööbik ja Pisik

Teatri Kodu, Tartu
Sun 02.04.2017 - 12:00 / 9.00 €

Sööbik ja Pisik

Teatri Kodu, Tartu
Thu 13.04.2017 - 18:00 / 9.00 €