Õhtu Kalmaniga

This evening is our way of thanking the audience!

/Õhtu Kalmaniga/

Operetta night

Musical director & conductor Taavi Kull
Libretto Jaan Willem Sibul
Producer & choreographer Fabrice Gibert
Scenographer Maarja Meeru

Soloists Pirjo Jonas, Karmen Puis, Merle Jalakas, Reigo Tamm, Rasmus Kull, Simo Breede & Jaan Willem Sibul
Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra & Vanemuine Opera Choir, students from the Vanemuine Dance and Ballet School

This time we will catch a glimpse of the works of one of the best-known operetta composers of the 20th century – Imre Kálmán. The Hungarian composer conquered both the demanding Vienna and the finicky Paris, as his favourite themes – love for one’s homeland, Gypsy life and the manners of the Gypsies, the life and intrigues of Parisian high society and Oriental themes – manifested in his works in their own characteristic way and touched the souls of audiences.

An Evening with Kálmán consists of four abridged operettas whose lustre, bright orchestration and warm and inventive melodies will make this evening spent at the theatre an unforgettable experience.

Premiere 7.11.2015, the Vanemuine Small Building.

Attention! Limited visibility from rows 2 – 4 of side balcony in Small Building of Vanemuine.

Õhtu Kalmaniga

Teater Vanemuine, väike maja, Tartu
Fri 07.04.2017 - 19:00 / 14.40 - 21.00 €

Õhtu Kalmaniga

Teater Vanemuine, väike maja, Tartu
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