A good old fairytale that tells the story of the power of love, kindness and caring!


Children’s musical

Based on the novel by Oskar Luts

Composer Olav Ehala
Libretto Leelo Tungal
Lyrics by Juhan Viiding & Leelo Tungal
Director Eva Klemets
Musical director Lauri Sirp
Conductors Taavi Kull, Endel Nõgene
Scenographer Iir Hermeliin
Lighting artist Airi Eras
Lighting designer Andres Sarv
Choreographer Janek Savolainen

Cast Pirjo Jonas, Rasmus Kull, Merle Jääger, Jaan Willem Sibul, Simo Breede, Elmar Pool, Karmen Puis, Ivar Saks, Merle Jalakas, Helen Hansberg, Siiri Koodres, Uku-Markus Simmermann & Oliver Timmusk
Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra & Vanemuine Opera Choir

This story about Iti and Kusti, who wander to the house of Metsamoor and have to work hard there and look after little Bumpy, is well known by several generations. An Estonian children’s literary classic, Nukitsamees was written by Oskar Luts. It was made into a film by Helle Karis in 1981 with a score written by Olav Ehala. The songs from the film are known and loved – Päikeseratas (The Wheel of the Sun), Valulaul (The Song of Pain) and Kodulaul (The Song of Home) have all been included in song celebration repertoires.

Premiere on 6.03.2010, the Vanemuine Small Building.
In Estonian.

Attention! Limited visibility from rows 2 – 4 of side balcony in Small Building of Vanemuine.


Teater Vanemuine, väike maja, Tartu
Tue 31.01.2017 - 12:00 / 15.00 - 17.00 €