A romantic ballet drama about a mute piano player and her daughter.



Choreographer, director & librettist Marika Aidla
Scenographer Maarja Meeru
Video designer Janek Savolainen
Composers Michael Nyman & Dario Marianelli

“The people who knew Ada McGrath told the story about her and her grand piano time and again. It was not only women who told it – the story was discussed by men at the pub and at the manor as well, some telling it with a shiver, others wondering how far you can go in the name of love or passion. There was something irresistible in the story that offered excitement for all."
Piano. Prologue, J. Campion & K. Pullinger

Premiere on 30.01.2016, the Harbour Theatre.


Tartu Sadamateater, Soola 5b, Tartu
Wed 03.05.2017 - 19:00 / 15.20 - 19.00 €