About the company

The 1182 hotline started out under the trademark Ekspress Hotline back in 1993, and the very first call was received on 1 June 1993 at the premises of Tallinn’s Main Post Office.
By 1996, the company had grown from its meagre beginnings with just three telephone operators into an information company whose network of local hotlines and branch offices covered the whole of Estonia.
Since 1998, information is changed in its entirety via one simple and easy-to-remember short number –1182 –both over the phone and in the Web environment www.1182.ee.
In 2010, the trademark 1182 of Ekspress Hotline was purchased by the leading Baltic information media group Contact Holding SIA. Contact Holding is owned by the investment fund BaltCap, which aims to invest in Baltic companies that have good growth potential. BaltCap has owned several renowned Estonian companies, such as A. le Coq, Videoplanet, Standard and Microlink. Various pension funds (including those of Swedbank and SEB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other major international institutions have invested in the investment fund BaltCap.
Today, the 1182 hotline is the leading hotline in Estonia, both in terms of the number of users and popularity. Information is communicated via phone and online over the Web.
As of 1 January 2013, the 1182 hotline is managed by FCR Media AS which offers call services 24/7 everywhere. Starting from 01.02.2016 the rate of 2,40 EUR/min and 1,25 EUR for additional services. The fee is calculated in seconds per minute accuracy and starts after the end of the answering machine. Additional services are – call forwarding service (1,25 EUR/one time) and sms (1,25 EUR). For Tele2 clients minute-based rate and call forwarding service is 2,40 EUR/min. Tele2 price is different from other operator companies as companies have different comissions.  1182 hotline also services all the calls made to hotline number 1188. In order to provide better service your calls will be recorded!
Branch offices in different counties (Pärnu, Tartu) ensure the best level of service for customers. The hotline’s own call centre allows the 24/7 provision of quality services to users, delivered by experts in their respective field. A dynamic database department ensures that the contact information is correct and up-to-date.
In order to add value both to local and end users, we co-operate with many well-known local and global brands, such as Addafix, Agendize, Elion, EMT, Elisa, Tele2, Piletilevi, etc.


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We support an active lifestyle and value Estonian culture by lending our support to a majority of sports, cultural and entertainment events held in Estonia. We co-operate actively with the Estonian Large Families Union and several local orphanages.


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Mission and values


Our mission

To exclusively offer the provision of quality information service, while also being available to users irrespective of time, place and means of communication.

Our values

Our methods of communication and visual identity are clear and plain. 
We always select our services and products based on their ease of use and simplicity. 
We speak the same language as our users; we are always open and accessible to everybody.
We take our work seriously, not ourselves.
We believe that we should approach everything we do with cheerfulness and a positive attitude.
We would rather prefer to be a brand that is pleasant to use, not something that has been imposed on our clients.
We dare to try, experiment and risk – all in the name of growing and developing with our users and clients.
As market leaders, we have a responsibility to follow the highest standards in everything we do.
We are all set and ready to do so, as we rely on our long-term experience, extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art technology!
Abreast with the times
We value our rich experience, but we still live in today’s world.
Technological innovation, novel solutions and consistent development are part and parcel of our everyday life.

Did you know that...

  • 1182 is the oldest hotline among those operating in Estonia to date
  • 1182 is the best-known and most widely used hotline in Estonia—Saar&Poll, March 2012
  • 1182 is an information media company which has the best customer service in Estonia - TNS Emor, December 2011
  • 1182 hotline receives about 9500 calls a day
  • Each day roughly 50,000 users visit the Web site of 1182, spending over two minutes on the page (metrix.station.ee)
  • 1182 has the largest database in Estonia, with the verified contact information of 60,000 companies
  • 1182 hotline and its Web environment are also available in Russian and English
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch: in Estonia you can take a train from Kehra to Paide