Terve Pere Stuudio OÜ Paides

Pikk 11, 72713 Paide, Järvamaa




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chiropractic, natural therapy, manual therapy, hirudotherapy, leech therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition therapy, future-oriented therapy, organism cleansing, detox, psychologist, rebirthing, weight loss, heavy metal compounds test, heavy metal compounds, spectral analysis of microelements in hair ,Dysbacteriosis, fungal analysis, nutrition counselling, health counselling, reflexology, osteopathic physician, reiki, classical massage, visceral massage, honey massage, cupping massage, pregnancy massage, sole massage, mineral testing, family therapy, conflict resolution therapy, herbs, nature products, food additives, food intolerance, homeopathy, autism, hyperactivity, overweight, digestive problems, parasites, worms, parasite testing, fungal testing, yeasts, dysbacteriosis,Fungal infections, fungal infection, pathogenic fungi, amylase test, allergy, chronic fatigue, depression, panic disorder, infertility, impotency, aroma therapy oils, aromatherapy, aromatherapeutic massage, lymphatic massage, foot massage, insomnia, childlessness, nervousness, frigidity, the journey, alternative medicine, alternative therapy


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