Ginger Cafe & Resto

Ginger Cafe & Resto

12745981 (Registrikood)

Toompuiestee 29, 10149 Tallinn, Harjumaa


6566661 (Telefon)

6566661 (GINGER TOOMPUIESTEE, avatud P-N 11-22 R L 11-23)

6608880 (GINGER ARSENAL, avatud: E-P 11.00 – 22.00)

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Hiina restoran, Hiina köök
Tai restoran, Tai köök
India restoran, India köök
Aasia restoran
eelroad, pearoad
võimalik tellida torti või kringlit
firmapeod, ruumide rent


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Joselito E

Yesterday we were on our way to find a restaurant near our hotel (Meriton Grand Conference and Spa) and we stumbled upon this cute looking restaurant. I was pretty excited because they had Indian and Thai food and I really love those cuisines. We were happy the restaurant was so close to the hotel and the price list was pretty cheap for European standards. I was a bit sceptical, because you don't know what to expect with Asian food, sometimes they really don't know their stuff. Also, there weren't too many clients at the restaurants. But after a small conversation with the waiter we learned that they had just opened and that's why they didn't have a full restaurant already. The interior of the restaurant is really nice and relaxing and the restaurant is also very clean. My girlfriend ordered some vegetarian dish and I had lamb with sesame (recommende by the waiter). We had white rice (you have to order this apart, it's a side dish) and naan. We were really surprised by the quality...