Wedding Exhibition ''Mūsų vestuvės''

We invite you to the exhibition " Mūsų vestuvės ", which will take place in „Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva“ conference and events center Konstitucijos pr. 20, Vilnius on 4-5 th of February 2017.

Specialized wedding and holiday services exhibition dedicated to the couples and their families in Vilnius.

Exhibition " Mūsų vestuvės " goal is to present as much potential buyers and customers as possible the main wedding and celebration service news in Vilnius in one place.

Nowadays we can find in the internet almost everything, we search in the google,, photos in the, also we ask our friends` advice.

Unfortunately, the Internet still does not mediate the smell, taste, sense of quality, live communication, a sense of reality – you know that everything is as expected.

Exhibition allows people to meet each other, establish real and warm relationships.

Exhibitions, where you can buy a lot of services, this is especially true, because only a true friend, a good psychologist or proficient in their field can advice you what you dream of and what you expect.

Even in the world of technology it is important live and warm communication, and the best advertising is the word of mouth from one person to another.

Photo gallery from the VIII  " Mūsų vestuvės " exhibition

Wedding websites and are joining forces and for the second time in Lithuania organize wedding dresses pop-up boutique - Bride's wardrobe.

Our professional team through stylists will help you to sell or buy a wedding dress. In one place you will find several hundred once worn, handled and cleaned wedding dresses that you will be able to see, try on and buy with discounts up to 50%.
This possibility occurs only once in a year, so call your friend, sister, mother or fiancé and come to choose your dream wedding dress.

Boutique will be open during " Mūsų vestuvės " Wedding Exhibition IX
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Wedding Exhibition ''Mūsų vestuvės''

Radisson Blu Hotel
Sat 04.02.2017 - 10:00 / 4.00 - 6.00 €