Ballet in two acts by Sergey Prokofiev
World premiere on 21 November, 1945 Bolshoi Theatre
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on 16 November, 2012

Staging team
Choreographer-Stage Director: Marina Kesler
Conductors: Jüri Alperten, Vello Pähn
Set Designer: Liisi Eelmaa
Costume Designer: Gerly Tinn
Lighting Designer: Priidu Adlas (Tallinn City Theatre)
Video Designer: Aleks Tenusaar

Approx. running time 2 h 10 min
One intermission
Director's recommendation: 7+

Love knows no boundaries – that is the magic of life! (Marina Kesler)

Beautiful fairy-tales don’t belong only in books – sometimes it seems that life is a fairy-tale, and sometimes a fairy-tale seems to be carved out of life. Marina Kesler retells the well-loved classic by Charles Perrault in an enticing way, providing dazzling and colourful entertainment for the whole family. In the world of clowns, fairies, butterflies and gladiators, one may recognise the subtle moments from our everyday life. The story of Cinderella was already retold in the language of dance in the Vienna of 1813, but Prokofiev’s ballet (choreography: Rostislav Zakharov), which premiered in 1945 at the Bolshoi Theatre, became a landmark in the history of this fairy-tale. The world famous Galina Ulanova and Natalia Dudinskaya became legendary in the title role.

Tuhkatriinu, ballett

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Thu 10.11.2016 - 19:00 / 8.50 - 28.00 €