Super Retro Show! C.C.CATCH

First Baltic Channel Presents!

A grand Super Retro Show is taking place in the Tondiraba Ice Hall on 17 February! Three retro disco legends of the 1980s performing on a single stage!
Iconic bands like C.C. Catch, Bad Boys Blue, and Boney M will be performing at the concert!

A three-hour-long super show is waiting for you! It is going to be an evening filled with world class hits known and sung by the whole world!
It will be an evening of memories! An evening we have been waiting for a long time!

C.C. Catch (Caroline Catharina Müller) began her career as part of the female pop band Optimal, but rose to fame after collaborating with Dieter Bohlen, the singer and composer of the famous band, Modern Talking.
In July 1985, on her birthday, C.C. Catch released her debut single, “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight”, which became an instant hit all across Europe.
It was followed by “Strangers By Night” and “Jump In My Car”, and her first album “Catch The Catch” in early 1986. The album's success exceeded all expectations and the press has called C.C. Catch the Queen of EuroDisco.
The fruitful collaboration with Dieter Bohlen continued. After the single “Heaven & Hell”, the album “Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel” was released at the end of 1986, and within a single week the songs from the album shook the dancefloors all over the world!

Bad Boys Blue, formed in Germany in mid-1980s, is widely known for its hits “You're A Woman”, “Pretty Young Girl”, “Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)”, “I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat”, “Sunday Girl”, “Come Back And Stay”. The band is still actively working on new music and extensively tours around the world.

Boney M (Sheyla Bonnick) was created in 1975 by producer Frank Farian. When their first track “Daddy Cool” appeared on the radio, a revolution of the disco world started. FM stations were flooded by requests, bringing the single to the top of the charts.
Sheyla and her friends did not stop there: they had to conquer Europe and USA in a matter of minutes. Boney M was highly sought after by TV shows and private disco clubs.
The phenomenal vocals of the girls could wake the dead: the soul of “Rivers of Babylon”, the exemplary dance hit “Sunny”, the high-powered hit “Rasputin”. It would take forever to recite all their hit songs – “Kalimba De Luna”, “Ma baker”, “Bahama Ma Ma”, and many others. Boney M’s concerts have also made famous the first hits of the legendary vocalist Sheyla Bonnick: “It’s Time For Us”, “Dancing The Night Away”, and “Disco Magic”.

It will not only be a party of a generation bringing the audience back to the time of their youth, but a modern and dynamic super show that will attract spectators of all ages.
It will be an exciting performance not to be missed!

First 300 tickets sold for 20 euros!
20% discount on all tickets until the end of May
Hurry up and order now!


Tondiraba jäähall, Tallinn
Fri 17.02.2017 - 19:00 / 5.00 - 79.00 €