Sümfooniline Kino

A unique concert takes place on 21 November in the Nordea Concert Hall!

"Kino" is not only one of the brightest Russian rock groups but representative of a whole era and a great milestone in the history of music. The songs of "Kino" never get old but their sound is as smart and topical as it was decades ago. The popularity of the legendary group is still raising though its leader is not with us anymore.

For the first time the legendary songs where orchestrated by the famous contemporary composer Igor Vdovin at the magnificent festival "20 years without KINO". The compositions received such a warm welcome from the public that it was decided to prepare a solo programme adding the iconic guitar of Yuriy Kasparyan that is well known to all music lovers. And so the unique project "Symphonic KINO" was born. The project was produced by Victor Tsoi's son Alexandr, which demonstrates his serious and approving attitude to the project.

A real gift for the fans is the participation of the "language bearer" Yuriy Kasparyan. The unrepeated riff of his guitar is recognizable from the first note as he carries us back to those times and leads us to get a deeper understanding of the songs of "Kino".

Authentic melodic lines, vibrating alignment of the composition, accents kept exactly where Viktor Tsoi has put them, spatial and overwhelming sound - all these constitute the "Symphonic KINO". Yuriy Kasparyan: "The sensation is interesting, you feel like sinking into a sea of music and oblivion. Today, I like practically everything about it, the first steps were enthusiastic but musically quite uncertain, still nowadays the quality is good, I like it."

Since the premiere at 2010, "Symphonic KINO" has found recognition all over Russia and in the states of CIS. The success of the project has confirmed that Viktor Tsoi is still alive in the hearts of thousands and that symphonic sound makes this beautiful concert universally understandable for listeners of every type and musical preference.

Sümfooniline Kino / Симфоническое Kино / Simfonitsheskoje Kino

Nordea Kontserdimaja, Tallinn
Mon 21.11.2016 - 19:00 / 34.50 - 60.00 €