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Opera by Priit Pajusaar based on the eponymous novel by Mark Twain. Libretto and dramaturgy by Aapo Ilves.

World premiere at the Estonian National Opera on January 26, 2013

Staging team
Conductor: Risto Joost, Kaspar Mänd
Stage Director: Andres Puustusmaa
Designer: Ingrid Proos
Choreographer: Elo Unt (Estonian Dance Agency)
Lighting Designer: Anton Kulagin
Orchestration: Tõnis Kõrvits, Rasmus Puur

Approx. running time: 2 h 5 min
Recommended age 7+
Sung in Estonian, subtitles in Estonian and English

The opera based on Mark Twain’s exciting youth novel tells the story of the unbelievable adventures of two boys. Edward Tudor, the crown prince of Wales, and Tom Canty, the beggar boy from the streets of London were born on the same day and are mirror images of each other! Edward dreams of an exciting life in freedom, where no one tells him what to do and Tom would like nothing more than to enjoy a luxurious life with an abundance of sweets and royal entertainment. They meet accidentally, change clothes and… also lives? In the harsh reality, where murderers and cherubs lurk in the dark London streets and in the castle, where the executioner’s merciless axe is ready to swing at frauds, they experience the darker side of each other’s lives. They meet each other again in the whirlwind of adventures, where the boys are often a hair’s-breath away from death, and their fate depends on an answer known only to a true prince…

Prints ja kerjus, ooper

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Tue 21.02.2017 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €

Prints ja kerjus, ooper

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Thu 16.03.2017 - 12:00 / 9.00 - 18.00 €