Mireille Mathieu - Juubelikontsert sümfooniaorkestriga

11.03.2017, 19-00
Tondiraba Ice Hall
Mireille Mathieu

The Jubilee Concert with the symphonic orchestra

A singing legend Mireille Mathieu will present her jubilee program in Tallinn!
Only until August 31 a 20% discount is available on all tickets.

On March 11, 2017, a popular and charming French singing celebrity Mireille Mathieu will perform in the Tondiraba Hall. The jubilee concert of the iconic star on the most spacious concert venue in Estonia will be accompanied by the symphonic orchestra.

Tallinn Contsert Club (TCC.ee) presents: the French megastar, the icon and legend of the century Mireille Mathieu will show her Jubilee Program in Estonia.

A long-anticipated concert, which will make one of the major music events of the year, takes place in Tondiraba accompanied by the phillarmonic orchestra. The concert program includes such hits as “Non, je ne regrette rien”, “Une histoire d'amour”, “Ciao, bambino, sorry”, “La vie en rose” and many others.

This incredibly popular singer, called “the Ambassador of French song”, always has full houses wherever she performs.
The fans of Mireille Mathieu can remember her concert in Estonia in 2011, when the singer presented the unforgettable performance (with her mother present), which made a record in number of audience and also in sale of flowers – as the flower shops were emptied in one day. All tickets were sold a month before the concert of the iconic French star. It was impossible to get the tickets even from resellers, and the organizers had to put additional seats in the hall.

This time the local organizers decided to show the concert of Mireille Mathieu on the biggest and newest arena in Estonia so that everyone interested could enjoy the unparalleled performance of the brilliant singer. In addition, a special attention will be given to the sound quality. For the evening, the concert venue will become a cosy music hall. Traditionally, the French celebrity will share with the audience the warmth of her loving heart, that penetrates the souls from the very first chords of the beautiful and well-familiar songs.

Today the songs of Mireille Mathieu have been translated and performed in German, English, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese and Russian languages.
The audience in Tallinn will be given a fantastic concert of beloved French chansons in the performance of the unparalleled Mireille Mathieu. Unfortunately, this iconic singer is a rare guest in Estonia so visiting her concert is the best chance to give yourself and your closest the unforgettable evening which will stay in your hearts forever!

Only until August 31 a 20% discount is available on all tickets.
Yours sincerely, Tallinn Concert Club – the best concerts of your favourite performers!

Mireille Mathieu - Juubelikontsert sümfooniaorkestriga / Мирей Матьё - Юбилейный концерт с симфоническим оркестром

Tondiraba jäähall, Tallinn
Sat 11.03.2017 - 19:00 / 25.00 - 85.00 €