Kontserdisari Autoriportreed

Concert Series “Self-portraits“

Four composer’s concerts – a mix of experiences contemplating on and looking into the work of five composers relevant in the contemporary music scene of Estonia and the world. The series includes numerous large orchestral compositions and versatile performance formats from the oeuvre of Sofia Gubaidulina, Sven Grünberg, Mirjam Tally and Lera Auerbach.

Fri 14 October 7 p.m. Estonia Concert Hall

Concert Series “Self-portraits“

Sofia Gubaidulina 85

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Chamber Choir Voces Musicales, Geir Draugsvoll (bandoneon, Norway)

Conductor Andres Mustonen

Sat 26 November 7 p.m. Estonia Concert Hall

Concert Series “Self-portraits“
Sven Grünberg 60

Estonian National Male Choir,

String Quartet Prezioso, Ott Lepland (vocal)

Conductor Mikk Üleoja

Tue 17 January 7 p.m. Creative Hub

Concert Series “Self-portraits“

Composer’s concert of Mirjam Tally

Chamber choir Collegium Musicale

Conductor Endrik Üksvärav

Tue 25 April 7 p.m. St. Nicholas’ Church

Concert Series “Self-portraits“

“72 angels“

Collegium Musicale

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet

Conductor Endrik Üksvärav

Kontserdisari Autoriportreed. Lera Auerbach. 72 inglit. Collegium Musicale, Raschèr Saxophone Quartet (Saksamaa)

Tartu Jaani kirik
Sun 23.04.2017 - 16:00 / 12.00 - 15.00 €

Kontserdisari Autoriportreed. Lera Auerbach. 72 inglit

Niguliste Muuseum-Kontsertsaal, Tallinn
Tue 25.04.2017 - 19:00 / 10.00 - 15.00 €