Kontserdisari 'Helisevad šedöövrid Kadriorus'

Concert Series “Ringing Masterpieces in Kadriorg”
Throughout the centuries, the ability to notice and enjoy arts, and to live surrounded by arts has been part of the aristocratic way of life. One by one, scenic travels from the invaluable collection of the Art Museum will be brought in front of the concert audiences - these are painting that will tell us about journeys to charming places in Europe. The backgrounds of these works of art will be explained in interesting details by art historians. A unique opportunity to practice an aristocratic lifestyle on a Sunday afternoon at Kadriorg Palace.
The series is organised in cooperation with the Kadriorg Art Museum.

Sun 9 April 5 p.m. Kadriorg Palace

Concert Series “Ringing Masterpieces in Kadriorg”

Triin Ruubel (violin), Johanna Vahermägi (viola), Henry-David Varema (cello)

Work of art: Diday’s ”Swiss Motif with a Lake“

Schubert. String trio B-major D 471
Fabian Müller. String trio
Mozart. Divertimento for string trio in E-flat major

Sun 14 May 5 p.m. Kadriorg Palace

Concert Series “Ringing Masterpieces in Kadriorg”

Anna-Liisa Bezrodny (violin), Marko Martin (piano), Jan-Erik Gustafsson (cello)

Work of art: Liphart’s “Peterhof Palace”

Kontserdisari 'Helisevad šedöövrid Kadriorus'. Kunstiteos: Liphart. Peterhofi loss. A.-L. Bezrodny (viiul), M. Martin (klaver) J. E. Gustafsson (tšello)

Kadrioru loss, Tallinn
Sun 14.05.2017 - 17:00 / 10.00 - 15.00 €