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An Instrument for Every Child

The joint gift for Estonia’s 100th anniversary “An Instrument for Every Child” is fuelled by the dream that every child in Estonia should have a chance to learn to play a musical instrument.

As Estonian Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste has noted, if we want our musical traditions to survive, it is vital that we find the money to fund instrumental music education for our children. Unfortunately, many of the instruments used today are quite old and worn, and most schools cannot afford to buy new ones.

“A Musical Instrument for Every Child” is a project to purchase new instruments for schools, ensembles and music schools so that children all over Estonia can continue with their music education and carry on our proud musical traditions. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of playing an instrument in a child’s life. It has a significant role in a child’s emotional education, in shaping his or her aesthetic taste and developing creativity. Studies show that children who play musical instruments grow up to become happy adults.

By purchasing a sponsorship ticket, you will help ensure that Estonia will continue to enjoy its own music, performed by today’s children well into the future.

Let’s pool our money together, just as they did in Väägvere in 1839 when the locals formed a brass band, laying the foundations for the Estonian musical ensemble tradition. 

The project is being overseen by the Estonia 100 organising committee together with the following organisations representing music education: the Estonian Union of Music Schools, the Estonian Wind Music Society, the Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association, the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Union and the Estonian Traditional Music Centre.

Concerts with the new instruments will be held during Estonia’s centenary celebrations from April 2017 to February 2020.

Estonia 100 website: http://www.ev100.ee

Igal lapsel oma pill

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