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Short ballets by Thomas Edur, Tiit Härm and Mikhail Fokin

Music from CD.

Silent Monologues
Choreographer, Stage Director and Designer: Thomas Edur
Music: Heino Eller, Artur Kapp, Artur Lemba, Eduard Oja, Arvo Pärt, Peeter Süda
World premiere on June 30, 2009 at the London St. Paul Cathedral
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on November 4, 2016

A one-act piece for three couples speaks of the silence of the inner loneliness, the ups and downs, self-exploration, shared happiness and sadness of human relationships. We hope that we are understood, but there is always something that cannot be reached in another human being and not everything can be put into words…

“Silent Monologues” first reached its audiences in 2009 at the City of London Festival that explored the 60° North theme, linking cities on that line of latitude: Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Kirkwall and London.

Choreographer and Stage Director: Tiit Härm
Music: Maurice Ravel
Assistants to the Stage Director: Irina Härm, Victor Fedorchenko
Designer: Kustav-Agu Püüman
Lighting: Tiit Urvik
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on November 18, 2004

Choreographer Tiit Härm has been inspired by the colourful and enticing music that finds expression in passionate dance. One of Ravel’s most famous pieces was written for the famous Russian dancer Ida Rubinstein in 1928. For this piece, Ravel found inspiration from two opposing sources: from the Moroccan folk music and from a slightly unusual location – a factory. The composer was fascinated by the movement of conveyor belts as well as the sounds of whistles and hammers that he masterfully united in his piece with sensual Moroccan folk tunes.

Le Spectre de la rose
Choreography: Mikhail Fokin
Music: Hector Berlioz’s orchestration of Carl Maria von Weber’s piano piece “Invitation to the Dance”
Staged by Viesturs Jansons
Designer: Marja-Liisa Pihlak
World premiere on April 19, 1911 by Diachilev’s Ballets Russes at the Theatre de Monte Carlo

“Le Spectre de la rose” (“The Specter of the Rose”) is in essence a pas de deux created by Mikhail Fokin specifically for Vatslav Nijinsky and Tamara Karsavina. In the ballet, a young girl returns home from her society debut at a ball. She dreams that she dances with the rose she held at the ball, whose specter was danced by Nijinsky, causing quite a sensation. Audiences were particularly enraptured by his final athletic leap out of the girl’s window, which ended both the girl’s reverie and the ballet itself. “Le Spectre de la rose” is one of the golden ballet classics that is still a popular part of theatres’ repertoire.

Balletiõhtu. Vaikivad monoloogid, Boléro, Roosivaim

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Thu 13.04.2017 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €


Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Sat 25.11.2017 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €

Balletiõhtu (pensionäri soodustus)

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Wed 29.11.2017 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €


Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Sat 03.02.2018 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €

Festival ''Eesti teater ''Estonias'''' / Balletiõhtu

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Sat 17.02.2018 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €

Balletiõhtu (pensionäri soodustus)

Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
Fri 02.03.2018 - 19:00 / 7.00 - 25.00 €